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Mentoring circuit 3.0


What is 'the mentoring circuit'?

Since 2021, we have been inviting specialist speech and language therapists to share their experience and knowledge in the field with our community. 


Therapists from more than 7 countries and more than 6 specialist fields such as research 🧐, paediatric dysphagia 🍼, voice 🗣️, acute stroke 🧠 to schools 🏫 (and so many more!!) have joined our mentoring circuits as mentors.


In these circuits, attendees (‘mentees’) are given time and space to ask their questions about the specialists’ fields in a cosy, intimate virtual setting.


All of our mentees gained glimpses of what it is like working in specialist fields, and invaluable advice and insights on how to pursue similar fields themselves.


We are planning our Mentoring circuit 3.0.

 See you there? 🤓

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