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See what our mentees say! 


2nd year

MSc speech and language therapy

University of Reading 


"There are many takeaways from participating in ST Links' Mentoring Programme!

1) There is a 2-way effect of mentoring where we're able to inspire and support each other.

2) I don't feel the pressure when sharing/learning that I would with an academic tutor or placement educator

3) Mentors are keen to collaborate with mentees outside of mentoring!

4) Topics of conversation doesn't always have to be about uni/work etc., we were able to establish rapport and a friendship also with shared interests and experiences

5) I've been given such great advice and support from my mentor, Kate, for the things I was struggling with (interview prep, clinical questions, etc) or needed a confidence boost in"

Mia photo_edited.png

3rd year

bsc speech and language therapy 

university of east anglia 

Mia vikers

"It has been a fantastic opportunity to speak to an SLT who is passionate about their job, but also has no links with my University and so I feel completely free to talk about any topics and areas of concern I have about any academic content, placement and assignments."

Read more about Mia's experience and tips on being a student during the COVID-19 pandemic here.


Graduate (MSci), NQP

University of Reading

Cedar Lam

Biggest takeaway: "Knowing that my mentor has been on the path I've taken before, and it will all turn out okay!"


3rd year

MSc speech and language therapy

UK student

FEe emmerson

"I feel so inspired to work with my mentor. This academic year has been so hard with no placements really. So having a mentor has really made me feel like this is still what I want to do. If it wasn’t for my mentor, Serena, I would’ve dropped out! And hearing about her practice makes me wanna continue with SLT. It really shows me that SLT is really what I want to be"

Girl with Flower

2nd year

msc speech and language therapy 

university college london

Enika yan

"I think that my biggest takeaway is remembering to be open-minded. I learned that it is very important as an SLT because of the diversity of the clients that we will come across and also remembering that we aren't perfect but that all the experiences are what shapes us. It was really helpful to hear about my mentor's experiences and expertise."


2nd year

bsc speech and language therapy

University of Reading

Ruby dyer

"After joining the mentoring programme, I now feel more empowered to share my own thoughts and discuss them with others. I feel that my strengths are being valued. I also feel supported to develop competence in clinical, research, and education aspects of my work."


2nd year

MSc speech and language therapy

university of reading


"Hearing about clinical experiences is so valuable as a student who has had limited placements on acute wards due to Covid. I also learnt about frameworks that I haven't come across, and how I can use these to structure answers in interviews. I was also able to get advice about non-clinical things i.e., being a professional more professionally! & Hearing the reality of a working SLT compared to a student SLT. Having the opportunity to even discuss the things I want to discuss in the first place is amazing and so helpful.


Thank you to my mentor, Kate, for offering her support in a nerve-wracking time for new graduates!"

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