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How does mentoring with STLinks work?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Great question.

First, you can choose whether you want to become a mentor or a mentee.


As you sign up as a mentee, you can tell us what your goals are, what areas you would like to develop.

For example, some of our mentees have set themselves goals to develop their leadership skills or clinical analysis. Some mentees also wish to learn more about progressing their careers, finding their niche, or just speaking to a working ST mentor about applying what they are learning to real-life scenarios.

Next, our team works hard to match you up with a mentor with areas of expertise and knowledge who can support you.

Then, our lovely mentors will contact you, arrange an initial meeting with you to talk about your goals, expectations of how often you would meet, how to meet, etc.

Meetings are usually led by mentees - we often encourage mentees to come to meetings with at least 2-3 questions or areas they would like to discuss.

Depending on your journey, some of our mentees are ready to pay it forward! They will be transitioning from mentees to mentors to share their tips and tricks to thrive through your challenging journey! How exciting!

To sign up to become a mentee:


When you sign up as a mentor, we will ask you about your areas of interests, what motivates you, and your experience and capacity with mentoring. We value your time as a mentor and want you to feel confident and supported to mentor.

Next, our team will work with you to match you with a mentee.

Then, we will encourage you to contact your mentee and arrange an initial meeting with them.

As mentors, we will also have regular meetings to share learning and reflections on our mentoring experiences. We understand that we all learn in different ways and paces, so we can meet as and when you need.

To sign up to become a mentor:

Our team will always be available for both our mentors and mentees to discuss any queries or concerns about the mentoring programme. Please do link with us :) Happy mentoring and keep on inspiring each other!


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