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New Speech Therapist Social Story

Due to a recent change of jobs, I’ve created this social story to support the children on my caseload with ASD, who find it hard to cope with changes, to transition to working with a new therapist. This was really needed as I have worked with these students for a couple of years now and we know each other well.

This is a template of a social story about having new speech and language therapists.
Please be aware of the guidelines for Carol Gray’s social stories. Discuss the suitability of this social story with your student or your students’ families first, and ADAPT the story so that it is relatable for them.
Discussion points with your student/ student’s carer or parents:
How many Speech Therapists are there where you live?
What is the name of your child’s speech therapist?
What does your child do with your speech therapist?
Do you know who is the next speech and language therapist?
Is there a photo of the next speech and language therapist that you can include in the story?
Please feel free to expand the story to include the above points!

Let me know if you have used the social story, how did it go and please do give me any feedback you have about this!

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