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#HelloMyNameIs Kate

Get to know Kate, one of our founders of #STLinks!

#HelloMyNameis Serena

Read on to learn more about one of our founders of #STLinks, Serena's journey and more!

#hellomynameis Yi Ting Chia

Meet our STLinks Team Member and Mentor, Yi Ting!

#hellomynameis andrea

Andrea is our STLinks member, mentor, and a paediatric SLT. Read on to find out about her journey into SLT and more!

2023 st links yearbook

Our 2023 yearbook is here! We feel so lucky to have an amazing community that has helped us achieve so much!  Check it all out here:...

Autistic Self-Advocacy, Neurodiversity and Early Intervention

Part one of our journal club series exploring journals behind neurodiversity and its implications on our practice - here's what we learnt.

Bens' Story - Clarity on SLCN, Fair Trial and SLT Support after 18 years

This is the story of Ben and how SLT supported him with his undiagnosed SLCN and navigate the criminal justice system.

Experience & top tips on being an SLT student during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mia shares her experience of what it has been like being an SLT student during the Covid-19 pandemic and her top tips for placement!

How does mentoring with STLinks work?

We were all once student and NQPs and know that it can be stressful at times. Wondering how ST Links mentoring work? Here's how!

Let's Talk - Lone SLT at a Secure Forensic Hospital

SLT journeys can be bumpy sometimes. We share our key learnings from Maya Soni's talk about being a lone SLT at a secure forensic hospital.

Neurodiversity x Autism (part 2) ABA

ABA? What is our ultimate goal here? Is this goal meaningful to the service user? Is this harmful to the service user?

Therapist Profile - Caterina Bruce in the Adult and Youth Criminal Justice System

Caterina works in a unique split post spanning across adults & youth criminal justice system. Read on to learn more about her role and exp.

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