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#hellomynameis Yi Ting Chia

Tell us about your job!

I’m currently working at a Women’s and Children’s hospital in Singapore, working mainly with the paediatric population. The caseload here is pretty varied; I’ve worked with children with speech, language and voice difficulties in the outpatient setting, and I’m currently doing my inpatient rotation - which involves working with the neonatal and paediatric population with feeding and swallowing difficulties in the inpatient setting.

What has been your journey to SLT like?

I’ve always known I want to work in the healthcare industry, which explains my background in biomedical science. I discovered the field of speech and language therapy through one of my good friends, who was studying speech pathology in Brisbane, Australia. I was visiting her during her school term, and attended one of her lectures that was on dysphagia. I went on to find out more aboutout the field after that lecture and knew that I wanted to pursue a Masters in Speech Therapy, which led me to where I am today.

If you have time/ energy after work, what other things do you like to do?

As cliche as it sounds, I like to spend my time with my family and friends after work. Working in the hospital, I am constantly reminded about the fragility of life, which is why I want to cherish every moment I have with the people that I love.

Who inspires you and why?

It is without a doubt that my godfather inspires me the most. I am, till this day, amazed by and grateful for the love he has for me even though I am not in any way related to him bmy blood. He cares for the people around him through little acts of services, and never hesitates to lend a helping hand to his family and friends. It is through him that I am constantly reminded of how I should be treating everyone around me - including my patients - with the love, kindness and compassion that he has.


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